Who is Hendrik Broeze aka Mr. GibFunk?
Probably a combination of an Artist, a Father and a Promotor of Life, but most of all, he is an Explorer of Possibilities, expressing himself through his Music, Performing and absurd MC skills.
As an MC, Hendrik Broeze decided to first promote himself as Mr. GibFunk, his creative alter ego. Mr. GibFunk is the one that responds to Life from the Heart. He wants Joy and Happiness for himself and for those around him. Inspiration and Imagination are his in abundance. He is somewhat of a Dreamer.
Children and Pets occupy a special Place within.
Life is a Game. He enjoys Life as it comes, laughing at discouragement or failure, and never letting depression get the upper hand. Even so, there is a reticent side to his Nature. He might be living in a World of Feeling and Emotion.
He can see Beauty everywhere. And Expresses his own Beauty through varied artistic Talents -- Speaking, Acting, Music, Writing -- anything with Color, Form, or Rhythm.
The name Mr. GibFunk might sound strange, but there is a logical explanation to the name. He is a huge fan of the nineties R&B, G-Funk & HipHop and he seems to talk & express "Gibberish". Which for him is being Creative with Lyrics and Live from the Heart.
Contact me if you if you like to have a GibFunk vibe.

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